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TOEIC Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to know about the features and benefits of the Digital TOEIC Content please click on this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5uSe7oYyUA

General questions

Who should use Edumig Digital English Learning Content?

Anyone can use it, but it is best for individuals who fall into one of these categories:
i) People who wants to improve their English language ability
ii) Self-studiers: those who prefer to study on their own time and at their own pace.
iii) Individuals looking for more practice: those who want additional practice in English
iv) Busy professionals: those who do not have much time to study and can only sneak in a few minutes here and there.
v) Those who want to learn the basics, intermediate and advanced levels of English.

Do I get support?

Yes. We respond to customer requests as quickly as possible usually within one business day if not sooner. You can use the Chat option on the bottom right or:

email: support.english@edumig.com
Call/WhatsApp: +880 1723 851160 available from 10 AM to 6 AM, Saturday to Thursday


What is Edumig Digital and Blended English Learning Content?

The digital-based language learning content is a white-labelled cloud hosted solution rebranded under the EDUMIG LTD name. Blended lesson just means a mix of digital and pdf format.

What are the minimum language requirements?
You must know how to read and understand English at a minimum of basic level.
Where can I find more information on the courses?

Click on this link: http://edumig.com/digitalapp.php

I have registered. How do I access my course?

Have a look at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xhu7MTEOmh0

Who created these lessons?

This website and mobile app were created by English language experts all over the world to bring you the best quality learning experience.

Why should I purchase this app?

It is the best, modern way to learn your English effectively, especially in these uncertain times. You get to learn the right materials more often with better results.

Can I try the product before I purchase?

Certainly. We provide a 3-day free trial version for you to experience the digital learning content before you make the decision to buy. Fill up the form here: https://app.edumig.com/self-study-enquiry

How can I purchase the program?

We have many ways.
i) You may visit our office in Chittagong and Dhaka and purchase with cash.
ii) You may purchase using a debit/credit card from this page: http://edumig.com/digitalapp/pay-online2.php
iii) BKash/Nagad/Rocket

Can multiple users use my account?

No. It is against our terms and conditions. Your account will be suspended if multiple users use your account. We do this to ensure that our apps artificial intelligence helps you in the best way possible. If you share your account with others, the progress report will not accurately reflect your progress.

How difficult are the lessons?

The lessons are set up with multiple difficulty levels so that you can pick a level according to your language ability. Once you develop one difficulty level, you will be ready for the next difficulty level.

Can I create custom lessons?

Certain courses have a diagnostic test that you must take. Based on the results of that test, you will be given lessons appropriate to your skill level.

Where do I begin my course?

If you are unsure on where you want to start, follow the learning path and complete the lessons as they appear.

Can I re-answer an answer I got wrong?

No. This is because the digital content has machine learning that learns your strengths and weaknesses in English to provide you with what you need the most. So, re- answering is not an option.

Can I restart a lesson?

Certainly! It is absolutely recommended that you restart the lesson if you still have doubts or did not pass the test portion of the lesson.

Do the correct answer and explanation always show up immediately after I answer the question?

Yes! One of our highlighted features is instant feedback. You get an explanation as soon as you answer a question. In addition, you get a detailed report at the end of the lesson which will show you the key areas you need to focus on.

Do you get a certificate at the end of course completion?

Yes! However, you need to complete 70% of the course with 70% marks. For IELTS and TOEFL, it is best to sit for the official exams.

TOEIC Digital Learning Content

Who is this course for?

This course is perfect for final year university students, fresh graduates looking to enter the job market and professionals who wishes to develop English skills at the workplace.

What does this course contain?

This course contains: Kickoff for TOEIC, Tracker for TOEIC, and WordMine for TOEIC (vocabulary). This course also includes vocabulary from most major career/jobs/ profession.

How long is the course?

There are 93 lessons spanning over 51 hours.

How long do I need to study every day?

You can pace yourself however you like. We recommend doing one lesson per day.

Is the course hard?

You can learn a lot from this course. It is not hard at all. It is suitable for anyone starting with basic level English.

How do I navigate the TOEIC program?

Please watch this short video: https://youtu.be/NrLO83RV50Q

Where do I find more information?

Please click this link: http://edumig.com/businesscourse.php