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General English At a Glance

• Practical English, New edition is a general English course for elementary to advanced level learners that helps students improve their core English skills in the most efficient way possible.

• This new edition has been refined to ensure continuous learner improvement utilizing the latest technologies in formative computer adaptive testing, all new activity types to support independent learning and skills development, and the addition of 70 new lessons across A2 and C1 levels. The course now has 100+ lessons at each CEFR level.

Key Content: Business; Everyday life; Leisure and entertainment; People and relationships; Nature and the environment; Society; Travel and transportation

Additional Features: Blended lessons for teacher-led classes available as stand-alone PDFs with Teaching Notes, and in PPT format for front-of-class presentation

At a Glance

Level: CEFR A2 - C1

Number of Lessons: 420 (Digital); 192 (Blended Lessons)

Lesson Duration: Approx. 40 mins, (Digital); 60 mins (Blended Lesson Material)

About Word Mine 2

At a Glance :

Level: CEFR A1 - C1

Hours of Content: 330 Hours - 6500 Words (Vocabulary for General English); 25 Hours - 500 Words (Vocabulary for ESP Areas); 150 Hours - 3000 Words (Medical Vocabulary)

Words (Vocabulary for ESP Areas); 150 Hours - 3000 Words (Medical Vocabulary)

Key Content: Subject Areas: General English, TOEIC Specialist: Medical, Legal,

Accounting Business: General Business (3 levels), Meetings, Negotiations, Presenting, Telephoning,

Management Industries: Retail, Hotel/Hospitality, Financial, Engineering, Insurance, Pharmaceutical

Features :

A level check to assess ability and ensure each learner is working at the correct level (Vocabulary for General English only).

A unique, adaptive learning system that introduces new words, repeats and recycles items in training, and banks vocabulary that has been mastered.

A wide range of exercise types to practice meaning, spelling and pronunciation of new words.

A substantial choice of content to support vocabulary development in a general English, business or academic learning environment.