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Our Academic English course is designed to ensure that your students gain the maximum advantage from their primary area of study.

Students will receive the learning materials actually needed and essential for the reality of the academic setting that they will encounter.

Our comprehensive Academic course covers these skills and levels.



At a Glance Speaking

Level: CEFR B1 – B2 | IELTS 4 – 6.5

Number of Lessons: 30 (Digital)

Lesson Duration: Approx. 60 mins

Key Content: Getting help from tutors and peers; Working online; Taking part in group work; Preparing and giving presentations; Referring to and describing visuals and data; Asking critical questions

At a Glance Writing

Level: CEFR B1 - B2 | IELTS 4 – 6.5

Number of Lessons: 15 (Digital)

Lesson Duration: Approx. 60 mins

Coming soon: 15 lessons at B2 level for academic writing skills development and practice (coming October)

Key Content: Giving examples; Citing evidence; Using quotes; Descriptive writing; Essay writing; Creating balanced arguments; Writing conclusions.


• 30 lessons at B1 level for academic listening and reading skill practice.

• 15 short videos on developing study skills to utilize in a university setting.

• Structured practice with semi-authentic scripts that mirror university lectures and reading content.

• Topics and vocabulary that cover a range of disciplines and study areas including Humanities, Science, Commerce and Law.

• Built in review of new vocabulary and skills to maximize practice and build confidence.

About Need to Read

Need to Read can be used flexibly as a stand-alone course, or as a homework supplement for students who need to improve their reading skills in business contexts.

At a Glance

Level: CEFR B1 – C1 | TOEIC ® 350 - 900*

Number of Lessons: 800+ (Digital).

Lesson Duration: Approx. 30 mins.

Key Content: Banking, Finance, Economy, Innovation, the Environment, Media, Science, People, Education, Technology, Management, Employment, Politics/Government, Society.

Additional Features: User discussion and rating forum; printable lessons.


800+ lessons across B1 – C1 level.

Articles that cover a wide range of topics within business and finance.

Structured practice to help learners read more fluently and expand their vocabulary.

An ability to share opinions with others in the Need to Read community, and to rate each lesson.

Printable lesson content including results, commentary and a Word Bank.

An end-of-course test to measure progress.

Need to Read is available for use on a PC, laptop or 9.6"+ tablet via a browser.